Thursday, November 27, 2008

Our Gift to Justice Ruth McGregor

We of course sent our complaint to the AZ Commission on Judicial Conduct, complete with the names of 226 patriots and their comments on Judge McGregor's conduct..

We also added a little "spice" to the Judge's pumpkin pie.

Each of the other 5 upper-court judges included in the Los Abogados correspondence received a copy of our complaint against Judge McGregor, along with the signers' comments (identified only by initials and city).

It's important that the other 5 judges be aware how citizens regard activist judges who pander to special interests, and our complaint and comments make that very clear indeed!

(Normally, other judges wouldn't automatically see the complaint and comments, but they will now.) Not only did they "share" Judge McGregor's publicity, but they know anyone can read the copy posted on the Internet.

View the comments with authors' initials and city for both
"Citizens of Arizona"
"Friends of Arizona"

Perhaps the "Other 5" judges who read the complaint against Justice McGregor will recognize their own past behavior, think "there but for the grace of God am I" and decide they've had enough of pandering and political correctness.

If so, we have an "After Thanksgiving Sale" bargain!

6 (or even 2) for the price of 1 is a bargain any day!

Chief Justice Ruth McGregor
Arizona Supreme Court, Suite 432
1501 West Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85007-3231

SUBJECT: Your November 13 Offer to Circulate Opposing Views—We Accept!

Dear Madame Chief Justice:

We’ve accepted your November 13 offer to Sonoran News reporter Linda Bentley (delivered on your behalf by Cari Gershick) to circulate opposing views of the issue to the same judges who received “Los Abogados” request (with proposed list of censored terms) and your reply.

We’ve also included the complaint text filed with the AZ Commission on Judicial Conduct. Because it contains specific details of the apparent process followed, it enables those same judges to understand citizens’ objections to not only the request, but also the Chief Justice’s decisions and handling.

We hope the circulation will proceed in a timely manner in rebuttal to the Los Abogados’ correspondence already distributed. Delay for the 30 days or more that court clerks have explained is the “usual” time is neither acceptable nor equitable.

As “FYI copies” of which the comments eclipse identities in importance, the enclosed signers’ list identifies signers by only initials and cities.

Full names and addresses of each of the 120 “Citizens of Arizona” and the 101 “Friends of Arizona” elsewhere in the U.S. appear on the copy filed with the Judicial Commission.

We’ve also accommodated readers who prefer a mouse button and scroll bar rather than hard copy; the same signers’ lists are online at and the same complaint text at

We hope that Arizona’s courts and judges will in the future render equitable treatment to “just plan American citizens.” The Los Abogados incident clearly shows how we’re currently ignored to hastily accommodate ludicrous demands from fringe groups and their attempts to censor and/or silence those who differ with their agenda.


Sandra Miller
Project Leader

Text of Complaint to AZ Commission on Judicial Conduct (10 pgs)
Signer Sheets “Citizens of Arizona” (10 pgs)
“Friends of Arizona” (7 pgs)

Vice-Chief Justice Rebecca White Berch
Chief Judge Ann A. Scott Timmer, AZ Court of Appeals, Div. 1
Chief Judge John Pelander, AZ Court of Appeals, Div. 2
Vice Chief Judge Patrick Irvine, AZ Court of Appeals, Div. 1
Vice Chief Judge Joseph Howard, AZ Court of Appeals, Div. 2